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Bob Janke  Arty unit in Bronco area
I am including these photos from Bob taken in the Duc Pho  area.
Included will be LZ Center,Buff and mostly Bronco.

Bob Janke

LZ Center
            105 mm Howitzer                81 mm Mortars & TOC
            105 mm Gun Pit                Our bunker
                    FDC                81 mm Mortars & TOC
            105 mm Gun pit                Gun #1 area and Mascot
            Towards LZ ?                Area #1 gun pit- Jerry Lee
                Gun Pit                Castro & ?
            Towards LZ West        

LZ Buff
            From Hercules                looking West up valley
            Looking West            Early TOC & obversation helicopter
            Obversation helicopter             Night sapper attack
            Old & new TOC, Huey        FDC Conex,Barry Lynn & me

            Chaplin                    CH 47 with water & C's
        Louie Cataldo & me, our first bunker        Me & first bunker completed
                ? & Castro                    FDC
        FDC;Bruce Hech,Frank Corbett,Steve Rathburn        Airstrike (A-1RVNAF)
              Airstrike (A-1RVNAF)                Airstrike
                Sunset               LZ Cork after our earlier setup
             LZ Buff looking west down valley    LZ ?(after Buff'69)louie near helo pad
             LZ ?(after Buff)                 LZ  ? Me in bunker
                    LZ   ?         Me on bunker
        LZ? Gun #1 D Abbey,LT Gallagher,Tim Topalski            TOC
          LZ ? Valley to N. where 122mm mortars came from     122mmMortars came from above waterfall,
                                     Hill on right was napalmed
        LZ Buff LT Fred White  in FDC Conex        LZ  ? Valley to north
              LZ Center looking N to LZ ?         LZ Center gun pits
Fire Mission
        Louie Cataldo& me in Chinook on way to LZ Buff    Door gunner & Coastline north of Duc Pho
            River north of Duc Pho                        Mo Duc and Dragon
ARVN compound south of Quang Nai